Sunday, February 7, 2010

Research Topic

While in the literary circles I noticed a trend in a few of the books that were presented, a lot of adolescent literature has an "epic" tale or journey. A journey of a young adult trying to do the unthinkable and save so much. This all began after I finished Riordan's The Lightning Thief. I noticed the similarities with the Harry Potter series but it really goes further (Chronicles of Narnia, Eragon, Ender's Game). This similarity seems to be more than just a trend; therefor, I've decided to research similarities in great journey's and the life of an adolescent. By doing this I believe it will show us why these journeys seem to do so well in the adolescent market, why the same themes continue, and why they are so popular over many ages excluding adolescents.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Esperanza Rising

Esperanza Rising is a way for students to become more "cultured." Today we see society through the lenses of mainstream tv, novels, and music. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, we all can use diversity. Esperanza Rising does this in way that can submerge students without being forced. Simply by presenting the book and discussing it will give most students a different view than what they are use to. This different views are what makes America what it is considered to be, "The Melting Pot." While we portray these many different cultures, the blend doesn't always come together. With Esperanza Rising Spanish heritage and ways can be implemented into the minds of the youth.

We are constantly being bombarded on the struggles with immigration with our country. But the problem is we only see our side of the story. Esperanza Rising we see this other side which portrays the struggles of a family that is forced to make decisions. They make the decision to come to America and we see the evolution of a family. This can give students AND adults views that are needed as they are lacking in our mainstream views. While it might not affect how you feel, it at least gives you a broader viewing and understanding, and hopefully a respect for other cultures. These cultures that we have taken and integrated into our own culture.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Worth Teaching??

Are the books we have read this semester (Copper Sun, Harry Potter, Twilight, and Esperza Rising) worth teaching in a classroom. I would have to say maybe.. not sure for all of them. I know, it's not an answer that you would anticipating hearing in a persuasion post.

Each one has it's faults and reasons that it should/shouldn't be taught. If I had to pick one of these books over any of the others it would be Copper Sun. The book gives a detailed (not overly detailed) account of slavery. I think this is an important matter that often gets overlooked as Americans tend to "sweep the bad under the rug." While it gives this account it still gives a positive focus (freedom), while this was not likely to happen in real life, we want our youth to have hope, inspiration, and a positive attitude. If an adolescent can relate in someway or another and believe they can continue with schooling/life like main character than it's worth the false truth.

Harry Potter/Twilight have hard arguments for teaching in a classroom. Personally, I'm not sure how you could teach Twilight in the classroom. It lacks in pushing the reader forward with vocabulary, and I feel the storyline is lacking for a male audience all together for a classroom. While I believe Harry Potter could be taught in the classroom, I feel the majority of Adolescences today have read these two books, which would not be ideal for a classroom designed to progress students.

Each one of these books has a strong oriented focus towards young adults and should be read; however, teaching them in the classroom is not wise. These books are lacking in some instances of what I would want to teach, or push students in their learning. School is a place where students are learning, while these books may present some learning, it lacks the many elements of classic novels.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


testing it out?